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International Congress

International Congress

International Congress

International Congress

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International Congress


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Oct. 27 and 28 Certificate
Value $155,000 Colombia
Value 45usd outside of Colombia

The Teacher recognizes himself as a transformative leader, visionary of his own reality and controller of his emotions to promote change.

Neuroleadership, neuroscience as interdisciplinary practice exercises to exercise awareness of positive change in others.

Discover yourself to find the potential in students

This Congress, which will bring together the best experts in NLP and Educational Coaching, aims to awaken in teachers their interest in changing their routines, making their reality aware, enhancing their creativity and using Emotional Intelligence in the development of their activity.

Use emotional intelligence to boost your creativity

The speakers will give you tools to know your own emotions and those of others and turn them into strengths to pave the way for positive change.

academic papers


Teaching from the Heart: Coach in Learning Skills. 

Pietro Moura - Bolivia

Soft Skills and Life Project

Charles Monney. Colombia

Leadership and Teacher Transformation through School Guidance. 

Jay Herrera. Colombia.

Innovative pedagogical practices in Initial and Preschool Education

Lily of the Valley. Colombia

Stimulation of the Biological Regulation of Learning Unit

Alberto Lizcano.  Colombia


Coaching, a path for educational transformation

Eliana Bull. Colombia

Leading from Talent: a vision of educational leadership

Juan Carlos Cubeiro. Spain

The co-active coaching model applied to the classroom: A methodological proposal. 

Hugo Gutierrez. Mexico

Team Education: Highly productive teaching teams

Michael Meir.  United States

Neurocoaching processes in primary school teachers

Anna Fortea.  Spain

Emotional Intelligence at the service of education

Jesus Amaro.  Mexico

General Conclusions, Closing and Delivery of Certificates

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Educational Coaching

Donation $155,000 Colombia
Donation 45usd outside of Colombia

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