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1 PASANTIA JAPON 2019 Grupo saliendo a la Universidad de Kobe

Academic Internships

Since 2016 we have carried out several Academic Internships where we always have the support of the Colombian Embassies and Consulates in those countries. 

We managed to discover Education and its methods in Spain, Finland, Japan and Nordic countries.

Teachers from Colombia give their opinion
about the Internship in Japan



Internship Spain

In this Internship we managed to discover the teaching methods in the new technologies of Education. In the company of the rector of the Torre de Paula Educational Institution in Barcelona, we had a forum with teachers from that institution.


Internship Finland

Finland is one of the countries with the highest percentages of PISA tests worldwide. We went there to learn about their pedagogical and social strategies. 

3 PASANTIA FINLANDIA 2018 Visita a Colegio de primera infancia en Finlandia
1 PASANTIA JAPON 2019 Grupo saliendo a la Universidad de Kobe


Internship Japan

With the advice of the University of Tokyo and the Tokyo Government Unified Command Post, we were able to learn how Emergency School Committees are organized in schools in Japan.


Internship Nordic Countries

With the support of the Colombian Consulates in Denmark, Norway and Sweden, we managed to develop an agenda that allowed us to learn about the educational model of each country.

Pasantia académica paises nordicos

Comisión a Reggio Emilia 2023

Las Embajadas de Colombia en Viena y Budapest participaron en la pasantía 2023 con el apoyo de actividades académicas. Visita  a la Universidad de Viena y apoyo del Gobierno de Budapest con su Ministerio del Interior y Educación con un dia lleno de trabajo académico.


Next Internship:
Italy, Vienna, Prague and Budapest

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