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Jugadores de fútbol femenino

Michael Meir

Emotional Intelligence as a multidisciplinary tool

Emotional Intelligence is part of the process of training and building a high-performance team. Whether Sports, Educational or Business. Knowing how to apply it will give the results we are waiting for

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Thursday October 20

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March 14, 1984

About me

  • Cardiologist, specialty in Hemodynamics, Aeronautical and Space Medicine.

  • Licensed Mental Health in New York (LMHC)

  • Former Dean of Health Sciences at TCI College, NY.

  • Experience in Psychotherapy, Guidance and Coaching, both individually and in groups.

  • Administrator and Professor of Health Sciences and Psychology.

  • Facilitator in workshops for large audiences in relationships, corporate, sports, family and individual.

  • Motivational consultant in all fields.

  • Coach in relationships, high performance teams, sports.

Emotional Intelligence as a Tool for Sports Coaches

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